Five Simple Ways to Attract New Clients

Whenever someone is looking for a recommendation of a healthcare provider, in most cases, they ask family, friends, or neighbours. They want a healthcare provider who they can trust and who they know is professional.



While revamping your marketing strategy and overhauling the way you do business doesn’t sound like fun, these 5 tips are designed to encourage you to take action in this critical aspect of your practice and business growth.

1. Focus on Long Term Clients

It is a sensible practice to carry out a satisfaction survey with clients who you have been seeing for a year.  When they are highly satisfied it is easy to naturally follow on and ask if they will have any friends or family they could refer.  Also, if they will provide a client reference if required.

2Create A Referral Program

If you want to get referrals, you have to first make sure you’re giving exceptional products and services. With these in place, your customers will be happy to refer you to others.

Building a list of clients, former clients, and their families who are happy to give you referrals is a very effective way of utilizing your past work to work for you.

Please check our article on how to create a referral program (including templates) here.

3. Collect Reviews Online

Another way to build trust and attract new clients is to have great reviews online.

It’s worth collecting your reviews and some software will automatically collect reviews for you.

4. Use Your Email List

By sending out your clients and their families regular newsletters, you can use the opportunity to ask them to make recommendations for you.

5. Social Media Accounts

 If you have active private social media accounts, then it is a good idea to separate the business accounts and keep things clean, neat, and formal on the business versions.  A regular update of something interesting for your clients could be something as simple as a photo and a brief description of a lovely view or lovely garden.  Then every once in a while remind them that referrals are the best way to gain new clients if they know of anyone who may need your services.

There’s no denying that it’s important for any business to have a solid base of current clients. But finding new and creative ways to attract new clients is key for its success. We hope these tips can provide new ideas for you to implement.

At CompanyOn, we’re committed to supporting our community of solo practitioners, no matter if they are just thinking in pursuing professional independence, or they are already well established solo practitioners. 

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