How to Better Attract New Clients and Engage Current Ones.

There are many factors that influence a patient's decision to choose your healthcare services, for example, the quality of your treatments, fees charged, or even the facilities offered.



However, another factor that should not be overlooked is providing contactless channels your clients can get in touch with and the promptness of payment processing.

If you want to attract more patients and boost your revenue, you need to incorporate new ways your clients can connect with you and speed up the payment process of your healthcare services. Here are a few tips on how CompanyOn can help you accomplish that.

Add a patient portal to your online presence/website:

A patient portal is a place where your patients can easily request appointments and communicate with your practice. This is especially useful for patients who require ongoing care, such as those with chronic conditions or complicated histories. A patient portal is a great way to increase patient satisfaction and give them more control over their healthcare needs. Every onboarding of new clients should be accompanied by a list of all the services you offer and that your clients can easily access/receive from your practice.

CompanyOn Online Services allows you to not only offer online booking services but also collect leads on prospective clients and/or communicate with current ones. This feature is part of your CompanyOn subscription for free. Just go into your clinic profile in your admin menu to set up your own services page.

Introduce payments online to speed up the payment process.

A great way to make your customers happier is to facilitate the acceptance of payment for your services online. The more you automate your business the less time you need to spend on paperwork and the more time you can spend on advancing your business. Quickly sending out invoices electronically and offering online payment options will make you stand out from other providers.

CompanyOn Online payments offer a simple and effective way for your clients to pay for your services online.

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