How to Better Engage Your Clients Using Digital Marketing: Your client's online experience.

For any solo practice to succeed, client experience is paramount. But do you know how much their online experience could impact your bottom line? Research shows that more and more people do online research before choosing their healthcare provider.



Nowadays, a client’s online experience is key to whether they choose to use your services or not. When creating an exemplary online experience for potential clients, you are creating a higher chance for engagement and retention.

78% of customers and clients search a business online to get their first impression of what services are offered. 

Create more opportunities with a unique online presence:

Create a website that showcases your unique services. Ensuring it’s easy to navigate and providing a wide array of client-focused content is key. It’s also important to give potential clients options on how they interact with your brand. Consider offering online appointment booking, electronic patient admission forms, and SMS reminders.

Potential clients review social media, news articles, and online reviews. Making sure your marketing plan encompasses a robust range of content for your website and social media is paramount. The more relevant content you can provide, the more likely potential clients will find and use your services.

Consider the following as part of your marketing plan:

  • Reliable resources/information on health issues you treat, healthy living, and prevention care
  • Client’s success stories (make sure they provide consent to publish them)
Retain leads and convert them into long-term clients:

Once a client has chosen you as their healthcare provider and books and seeks your services, if you’re not continuing to digitize their experience, you’ll likely lose them. Note that nowadays, more and more people prefer digital interactions over the phone or paper. The key is to make the client’s digital experience simple and quick while keeping everything compliant.

To start, implement electronic onboarding processes and charting as part of your practice to ensure clients can easily submit their medical information and communicate with you whenever needed. It’s a win-win for clients and the business—less paper, more efficiency, better data capture, and more importantly, higher client satisfaction. Add patient portals, email campaigns, and various communication channels to your digital marketing mix to convert one-time patients into lifetime clients.

Remember that marketing your services must comply with the practice standards of your regulatory college; it must be truthful, honest, and not misleading

Disclaimer: This information is provided in an attempt to heighten sensitivity, increase awareness, and enhance judgments on this topic. We encourage our audience to contact their professional body to learn more. CompanyOn does not represent or speak on behalf of any regulatory body. 

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