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Success for Serenity Nursing Foot Care Services with CompanyOn

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Serenity Nursing Foot Care Services

Before CompanyOn

Christina felt disorganized and stressed as she found herself constantly looking for papers and trying to create her own templates for her new practice. She was in need of a platform that was tailored to support Canadian healthcare standards while also being easy to use and affordable during her startup phase. Christina was having a hard time finding a platform that would support her business needs and growth, until she found CompanyOn.

Christina Nasso

Serenity Nursing Footcare Services


Mobile foot care nursing services


“CompanyOn is a great company. My onboarding to the platform went smoothly with the help of the supportive and knowledgeable team at CompanyOn. My business is much more organized and simplified now. Their features are customized to businesses which makes starting, owning, and running my practice more efficient. Daily operations are made easy and they take care of the billing and scheduling. My clients feel cared for with the reminders they receive through text or email. This is just one of the many great features that my company uses!”

Christina Naso

Serenity since switching to CompanyOn

Christina saw immediate results with her daily management of the business and has more capacity to invest in long-term plans.

Healthcare Practitioner Using Practice Management App

Immediate results

Safe and secure cloud storage of client and business records

Easy navigation to client’s address with the integrated map feature


Automated organization of daily operations and paperwork

Affordable platform


Long term solutions

Simplified scheduling and organization of daily, weekly, monthly appointments


Documentation and custom client profiles for each client visit, updates, follow up assessments and more

Compliance with privacy and confidentiality standards


Specialized charting and a way to audit and keep up with current standards


The Company On difference

Why Christina recommends CompanyOn to other solo practitioners:


Based in Canada, so you can feel confident that your practice is compliant with Canadian healthcare regulations


An approachable team who cares about their platform users and wants them to succeed


Knowledgeable and supportive in helping her learn the new software


Easy to transition from existing way of doing business to the Company On platform