4 Best Practice Tips for Patient Care: The Pre-Visit

4 Best Practice Tips for Patient Care at The Pre-Visit Stage

When caring for clients, healthcare providers and their private practice play a major role in ensuring the patient care experience is successful even before a client is seen.



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It is the healthcare provider’s responsibility to support and remove any barriers whenever clients are accessing services.

But what makes patient care a successful experience?

Interestingly enough, success happens not only when the client has a positive experience, but also the private practice in itself. Properly pre-screening and empowering clients to access services on their own, reduce overall care and operational costs, increase process efficiency, facilitate better clinical decision making, ensure regulatory compliance, and foster business growth and long-term financial viability.

It is important that as healthcare providers we view our private practice as meeting the needs of our clients at all stages of their journey as well.

The pre-visit screening stage is a time when healthcare providers are working to lessen any barriers to client access, set the stage for streamlining and simplifying as many of the activities that occur during this timeframe as possible, including:

  • Enabling self-service access (i.e online booking, online intake, and consent forms)
  • Determining patient financial responsibility
  • Securing patient payments
  • Accessing services quickly

Let’s make it easy for your patients. When they receive service within your practice it should be just as easy and convenient as possible. Patients need to feel comfortable as if they’re not in unfamiliar territory. Processes should be easy and convenient, not complicated. Patients shouldn’t have to spend time figuring out instructions.

What processes have you created within your practice that are aligned with the needs and better experience for your clients?

CompanyOn Online Services allows you to not only offer online booking services and online payments but also send online forms to new and existing patients by text message or email. Patient intake, medical history, authorization, and consent forms are a few clicks away.

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