How Much Thought Have You Put Towards Risk Management of Your Practice And Business?

As self-regulated professionals, Nurses have a significant responsibility to continually assess and improve their practice.



As an owner of a private practice, performance measurement, professional compliance, and client empowerment,  are among processes to consider as part of quality assurance and risk management for the sustainable success of your business.

The following infographic contains six key initiatives you should consider adopting within your practice and business to reduce risk and ensure not only you fulfill your professional obligations, but also your clients continually receive competent and ethical care.

Adopting these processes fosters a safe and culturally competent work environment, allowing for the development and implementation of safety plans to monitor, evaluate and identify vulnerabilities within your business to minimize the consequences of adverse patient outcomes and professional liability.

Disclaimer: This information is provided in an attempt to heighten sensitivity, increase awareness, and enhance judgments on this topic. We encourage our audience to contact their legal advisor and regulatory body to learn more. CompanyOn does not represent or speak on behalf of any regulatory body. 

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