Inspiring Trust: Ways to Keep Clients Loyal

Loyal clients are one of your most valuable assets



Ongoing care of an existing client is much more efficient than chasing down new clients.  Loyal clients and their loyal families will lead to more work by word of mouth referrals.  In fact, the more clients you obtain by referral, the smaller your marketing budget can be.

Here’s some tips how to inspire client loyalty, and what to consider as you put together your client retention strategy:

Inspiring Trust

For clients being dependent on someone else for their care can be a frightening time. It may be scary to entrust their welfare and future to a stranger.  Needing care can be overwhelming, and family members may have personal conflict about your role.

 Where this is leading is to say that inspiring trust is more than an important part of your practice; it’s vital to keep your clients coming back and motivate them and their loved ones to spread the word about your business.

Three ways to do just that:

Be Dependable

There’s nothing more stressful than entrusting a big part of your life to somebody who is unpredictable. Always aim to arrive on time and if you cannot let your client know.

If you find you keep running late, consider revising your round or altering your timings to more realistic arrival times to keep your clients happy.

Always respond to emails from clients or family member as soon as possible, answer the phone or respond to voicemails or missed calls promptly during working hours.

Always Follow Through

Proving that you can be counted on to provide the services you’ve been asked for and sometimes a bit more, gives your clients peace of mind that you always follow through. Little things, done well are great ways to keep them enthusiastic about being your client.

Stay in Touch

Just like personal ones, business relationships require a little tending to flourish. Utilize 21st-century tech to keep your clients engaged.

Be Human

At the end of the day, we’re all human, while it is important to maintain a professional-client relationship; learning just how much of an emotional connection you can build with clients helps them to look forward to your visit and help to retain loyalty. Thankfully, being professional doesn’t mean that you have to be a robot.

As a health care professional, there is the opportunity to let your personality shine through as part of your brand voice.  There is nothing wrong with keeping your work time strictly formal and based on the job.  Although allowing a little of your humor or personality shine through may actually help your clients welfare.

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