Five Ways to Build a More Productive Practice.

Providing excellent client care is a large part of running a successful business, but there's also a lot of other factors that go into it. We've compiled these productivity steps to help you create a practice that gets more done in less time, with less stress.



It’s about working more productively.  Here are some tips to help you streamline your admin and free up some time:

We’ve broken down how you can turn your independent practice into a productive, efficient operation.  If you employ help, you will benefit by making the most out of time spent working.

  1. Get Organized

When you spend time spent trying to find what you need is the exact opposite of being productive. Sometimes, you are busy; there’s not enough time.  You need to stop and breathe and look at ways that better organization will create the time you seek.

It’s easy to let the papers pile up and to move filing to the bottom of the list of things to do. But at your busiest times, is when it is most important and when you will benefit most. A few moments spent doing something now can save hours down the line when you need that information.  Think of the time you take searching through emails, computer folders, and your physical folders looking for that one critical piece.

You don’t have to tackle everything all at once. Work on reorganizing one task a week and a tip are to start with the most crucial.  Oftentimes, that is your expenses.  So start there. Adopting a tool that can help you electronically track all your expenses is a must nowadays. It will save you time and money.

  1. Create Structure with Procedures

All of the hard work you do in organizing your practice can become undone in a flash, if it is not consistent, both you and any staff working with you need to have clear guidance about what is required.  Take time to write procedures based on your new system of streamlining the office.

  1. Use the Right Tools – Billing & Account

Billing and Account software could make a big difference to your practice, no more checking back and searching through to see what does and doesn’t need chasing up.  The right software will do it for you at the touch of a button or two.

When we manually handle these tasks, maybe running them through two separate systems requiring entering data twice, a lot of mental effort is required, not to mention all the time it takes.

Even if you have someone who helps with billing and accounting, there’s likely plenty of opportunities to streamline the process so they can be more productive.

  1. Use the Right Tools – Practice Management

Take the attitude from step three through and apply it to practice management.

Just like with your billing and accounting, due to the nature of your business, it’s critical to make sure your practice management program lets you work from anywhere. It’s nearly impossible to maximize productivity when the only place you can work is from your office when you are out and about.

Look for a program that covers all you need in one system. Save time by not having to put something somewhere and something else somewhere else and clicking backward and forwards between programs.

  1. Analyze

With your new system comes the opportunity and ability to keep an eye on what is going on. Retrieval will no longer be a chore; it will be a pleasure by comparison. You can then analyze and evaluate for even more efficient working practices.

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