Transforming Solo Practitioners’ Days from Daunting Duties to Desired Lifestyles

Transform your mobile or small clinic by eliminating the frustration of paperwork, manual invoicing, and complex scheduling.

With CompanyOn, you can accomplish more—from one central place

Do more billable work

Make the most of your time,  while CompanyOn automates tasks, minimizes paperwork, and eliminates redundancies. Streamline day-to-day tasks, so you can get back to what matters most.

Take the guesswork out of business decisions

Work in compliance with regulatory standards on documentation and privacy and confidentiality.

Deliver the service your clients want

Accommodate your clients’ needs with flexible e-consents, online payments, and more.

Get paid faster

CompanyOn helps provide a client-centered billing that gets you paid faster. Accept online payments and process credit and debit card payments without the use of a terminal.


Diane’s Footcare Practice Journey to Success:

Discover How a Passionate BC Foot Care Nurse Built a Thriving Private Practice and Achieved a Remarkable 300% Growth of Her Business


Customer Testimonials

Streamline Operations and Save Time on Manual Activities

The Ultimate Solution for Efficiency and Organization

"CompanyOn revolutionized my nursing foot care practice by tackling the hefty administrative tasks. Prior to their service, I grappled with intricate scheduling, manual reminders, and tedious billing. Their custom features and outstanding support streamlined these aspects, enabling a focus on patient care." 

Christina Nasso, LPN FCN, Serenity Nursing Foot Care Services

Simplified Professional Billing Solutions

Revolutionizing Electronic Payment Processing

"CompanyOn's electronic billing processing transformed my practice. It's invoicing templates are branded and professionally made and provide my clients an easy way to pay for my services. With CompanyOn, managing billing is effortless."

Laura Ross, Foot Care Nurse, Laura Ross Nursing Foot Care

Simplifying Invoicing and Improving Business Efficiency

The Ultimate Solution for Streamlined Invoicing and Business Control

"Manual invoicing was a time-consuming hurdle in my physiotherapy practice. Tracking for compliance added to the struggle. With CompanyOn, invoicing became streamlined, customized, and easy to control. The tool also accelerates payment processing and improves workflows. Thanks to CompanyOn's superb customer service, invoicing woes are history. Embrace efficiency with CompanyOn!"

Ricardo Mejia, Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy Services

Empowering Mobile Foot Care Businesses with Seamless Access and Peace of Mind

Unleashing the Potential of Mobile Foot Care Businesses

"CompanyOn has revamped my mobile foot care operations. It allows access to patient records on-the-go, simplifies scheduling, payments, and documentation. It frees me from administrative burdens, helping me focus on patient care. The secure data storage on Canadian servers adds peace of mind. With CompanyOn, my business is thriving!"

Diane Hill-Doell, LPN FCN, Advance Foot Care By Nurses

Transforming Foot Care Nursing Practices with Seamless Management

Revolutionizing Foot Care Nursing Practice Management

"CompanyOn has significantly improved my business operations. From appointment scheduling to charting, billing, and finance tracking, it's all managed effortlessly. This platform, along with its excellent customer service, allows me to focus on providing great service to my clients by freeing me from administrative burdens"

Julie Phaterpekar, RPN FCN, Beyond Toes Foot Care

Revolutionizing Nursing Foot Care Business with Electronic Efficiency

Unleash the Power of Electronic Charting for Your Nursing Foot Care Business

"Switching from paper to electronic charting with CompanyOn revolutionized my nursing foot care business. It allows mobile access to client records and appointments, eliminating the need for cumbersome paperwork. Customizable charting templates and outstanding customer service further set CompanyOn apart. It's truly elevated efficiency and organization in my practice."

Nicolette Hildebrand, LPN, Sole Solutions Professional Nursing Foot Care

Streamlined Efficiency for Solo Practitioners and Small Clinics

A Game-Changer for My Solo Practice

"Adopting CompanyOn has reshaped my mobile physiotherapy practice. Its all-encompassing platform merges patient care with administrative tasks, featuring a unique 'timeline' for easy management. Its cost-effective, customizable plans and mobile compatibility make it ideal for solo practitioners and small clinics. Plus, their smooth data migration and customer feedback responsiveness underscore its value. CompanyOn has become key for my evolving business."

Diana Millan, Physiotherapy Mobile Services

Streamlined Charting and Enhanced Patient Care with CompanyOn

Empowering Foot Care Nurses for Superior Patient Care

"CompanyOn's seamless charting and note-taking capabilities have completely transformed our foot care nursing practice, easily outperforming our old software. This tool enables us to concentrate on patients while effortlessly managing records. With the team's continuous enhancements, we recommend CompanyOn to all Foot Care Nurses in mobile or clinic practices for upgraded patient care and documentation processes."

France Partridge, Toes In Need

Transforming Business Models with CompanyOn

A Game-Changer for My Business

"This program has dramatically changed my business model. The ease of use, time-saving features, and enhanced organization have made a significant impact on my operations. I highly recommend CompanyOn to others looking to streamline their processes and improve efficiency."

Ashley Dueck


Book up efficiently & work like you have a personal assistant

  • Increase revenue by quickly booking appointments and using efficient scheduling & online booking as a strategic advantage.
  • Speed up your booking cycle, keep your practice fully booked and remove scheduling friction at all times.
  • Eliminate late cancelations and no-shows. with customized reminder and follow-up workflows.
  • Easily check-in appointments, access records, and process payments directly from our scheduler.

Electronic Documentation

Cut care documentation by 80% and put time back in your day

  • Transform your existing Word docs into easy-to-fill, templates and complete treatment notes quickly with our specialized charting forms.
  • Remove repetitive work by entering data once and populating across sets of documents easily.
  • Streamline admission time, by collecting client information electronically and in advance of care with our online forms
  • Save time and errors with document automation of all your treatments with premade templates
  • Collect Consent for care easier and faster with our e-consent templates.

Client Management

Manage every client and every detail

  • Get a quick overview of your practice’s clients. See entries of care, documents, and bills in place.
  • Keep client information organized to ensure no follow-up, detail, or interaction is missed.
  • Keep track of the important details. Attach a profile photo to each client profile to help quickly associate a name with a face. Add personalized billing preferences, contact attributes, and more.

Billing Processing

Bill your clients in a way that’s easy for them and effective for you

  • Generate invoices in one click from anywhere at any time, and send invoices electronically via our secure client portal
  • Reduce time spent billing clients and collect outstanding balances easily with our e-invoicing payment feature—reducing collection time and increasing cash flow.
  • Create professional, easy-to-read invoices with your practice’s logo. Offer greater transparency by including detailed information on services rendered.
  • Keep it simple and track all billing directly in CompanyOn.
  • Generate and store reports required for accounting purposes. 

Document Management

No more filing cabinets, say hello to secure cloud-based storage

  • Manage risk by saving clients’ records in the cloud where files are automatically backed up.
  • Access your clients’ records on any device at any time from anywhere.
  • Spend less time reviewing chart notes/documents—and more time on patient care.
  • Scan physical documents directly into CompanyOn—and take advantage of the convenience of paperless document management.

Contactless Client Engagement

Engage Clients like never before

  • Engage more efficiently by sharing forms, reminders, and invoices with clients through our secure client portal.
  • Provide access to matter developments, and increase efficiencies by keeping everyone in the loop.
  • Accept payments online. Make it easy to get paid—accept credit, and debit card payments securely without the use of a terminal
  • Send intake forms electronically and in advance with online forms.

Proud industry partner of the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses

Get more than just a practice management software

Receive VIP support, industry-leading resources and much more—at no extra cost.



Professional Compliance

Risk Management


What is CompanyOn?

CompanyOn is a patient management software designed to streamline administrative tasks, enhancing operational efficiency for solo practitioners and small clinics.

How can CompanyOn help me manage my practice billing?

Our advanced medical billing software simplifies your billing process, allowing you to process online payments, credit, and debit card transactions without the use of a terminal.

How does CompanyOn enhance practice management?

We offer a comprehensive practice management solution that covers everything from patient scheduling, electronic documentation and case file management, among many other things ensuring your practice operates at its best.

Can I trust CompanyOn with patient data?

Absolutely. We prioritize patient data confidentiality and ensure we meet all regulatory standards on documentation, privacy, and confidentiality.

Is CompanyOn suitable for all healthcare providers?

Yes, CompanyOn is designed for a range of healthcare professionals, including those in nursing and medical practices, massage therapy practice, and physical therapy. Our goal is to accommodate all health and wellness practitioners.

How does CompanyOn enhance patient engagement?

Through our patient engagement platform, CompanyOn offers flexible e-consents, online scheduling, digital forms for organized patient intake flow, and an intuitive patient portal to foster better patient communication.

Does CompanyOn support electronic health records?

Yes, CompanyOn integrates seamlessly with electronic health records and electronic medical records, ensuring efficient patient data management and enhanced patient care.

How does CompanyOn ensure patient satisfaction?

By streamlining administrative tasks, optimizing the billing process, and offering tools for improved patient engagement, CompanyOn plays a pivotal role in enhancing patient satisfaction and fostering patient loyalty.

Can I use CompanyOn for my medical practice management needs?

Absolutely. CompanyOn is a leading medical practice management software that offers an integrated practice management solution, catering to both solo and larger medical practices.

How does CompanyOn aid in revenue cycle management?

With our client-centered billing and efficient management software, CompanyOn can accelerate the revenue management process, ensuring you get paid faster and more consistently.

Do I need any additional software for my clinic's operational needs?

CompanyOn is a holistic clinic management software that offers a suite of features covering everything from patient engagement to administrative duties. Our aim is to provide healthcare practices with everything they need in one integrated solution.

How can CompanyOn help with scheduling appointments?

Our software offers tools for online scheduling, appointment reminders, and efficient patient registration, making the process of scheduling appointments online seamless for both the practice and the patients.

Can CompanyOn adapt to the changing needs of the healthcare sector?

Yes, we constantly update our software solutions to stay up-to-date with the evolving requirements of the healthcare industry, ensuring our users always have the best tools at their disposal.

Is CompanyOn cloud-based?

Yes, CompanyOn offers a cloud-based EHR and patient management system, providing easy access and secure storage for all your crucial patient data.

How does CompanyOn ensure a better patient experience?

We believe in a client-centered approach. From the first phone call to post-appointment feedback, CompanyOn optimizes the entire customer journey, ensuring top-notch patient experience at every touchpoint.

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